Welcome to the home of the now legendary WebSkills video tutorial series.

WebSkills provides is a regular video tutorial that will show you everything about web marketing, SEO and traffic generating techniques.

From the basic on-site optimization all the way through to advanced web marketing strategies this course will take you through everything you need to know the get your sites the attention they need to succeed.

The course has been built to be used in conjunction with my pre-built affiliate websites, the idea is that rather than learning theory you can apply each technique to your site and build it's web presence as you go along. You get a real time example to practice on where you can see the results for yourself.

Get WebSkills For FREE!
If you purchase one of my affiliate websites via the "Websites" page above I will give you FREE access to the ongoing WebSkills series which is worth £9.95 per month, so by purchasing the website you're saving £120 just on the first years membership! Take a look at the websites for sale page and check out what's available, if you would like a site built in a specific niche we can create a custom site for you, just get in touch using the contact page and we can discuss your requirements.